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Brian Schanen

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the feedback, we should be clear though that this is just a default setting - changing the rule to suite your requirements is as simple as copying the default rule and removing this option.

Our expectation is that users will almost always build their own copy design rules to meet their own requirements.

We will consider changing default in the future if we find that more folks want to retain iLogic, traditionally this has been an issue as file names change impacting iLogic rule settings based on components.




That is a massive gotcha. Why would you want to strip out my iLogic rules by default without telling me?

I'm not keen on this feature at all.

Luckily, Randy Mabery has provided a work around:


Brian Schanen

Lucky I wrote this post then!


"This default rule mimics the legacy copy design behavior, so if you do not require additional capabilities default will do the job, simply updating the part number, resetting the category to that of a new file and removing iLogic."

Except, you could choose... in fact you were reminded to choose if you wanted to remove iLogic rules from the copied files or not. The new Copy Design just does it without informing the end user. Which could cause no end of trouble in some companies.

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