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Vladimir Minayev

Using Vault Professionl 2012.
Two questions about this new functionality:

1) Can any other files except visualization files (.dwf if Igot it right) be displayed through SharePoint? We are interested in displaying .doc and .pdf files from vault through SharePoint
2) Can the synchronization of vault files with sharepoint be done with SharePoint 2007? We don't need any common ECO etc. - just display actual versions of files from Vault to SP.

Thank you in advance.


I saw on Autodesk website that Vault 2012 is working with sharpoint 2010. But when I try to install the installation screen shown me option for Sharpoint 2007. Is there a different installation media released after the initial release. Or it just says sharpoint 2007 but it work with 2010 as well

Microsoft Support

I haven't use Share Point 2010 yet but I've asked my friend about it. He told me that Share Point 2010 is a feature rich social platform, with an initial bland but highly customizable user interface. It can host custom developed business facing applications, external facing web sites, and MS Office web apps. Whatever that is i should really find out for myself.

George Young

Will it be possible to post the videos in some other format other than YouTube? (No YouTube access allowed at the office)

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