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Brian Schanen

Yes, I will add Autodesk Plant 3D to my list. I already have it installed and will get this in the queue. Thanks for the request!


Hi Brian,
This is a bit off topic but......where is there information on installing iFilters for use by Vault? I have heard for years about installing iFilters to get at PDF content (and other formats) but have never seen any documentation on how to do it. I know, it's mainly a Windows thing but it would be great to see a post addressing the ins and outs of installing non-standard (i.e. not included with Vault) iFilters.


Klaus Katterbauer

Hi Brian,
in the integration list of this presentation ( - you mentioned it in your diary post about day 3 of AU2010 - there is also Autodesk Plant 3D listed. I miss it in the readme-doc...
As some customers of mine are using this product and we built an integration into Productstream Professional I am interested if Plant 3D will work with Vault. Would make the migration from PSP to Vault easier...
Maybe you want to add Plant 3D to your list :-) ?

Thx for the great blog!

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