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Brian Schanen

Hello,The File Revision is separate from the Item revision today. There are reasons for this design. As the Item is a container for the part+drawing+additional data, it my deserve its own Revision for audit, rollback, and effectivity purposes. The CAD revision is valid and necessary for geometry purposes. IF you must have the CAD file rev on the Item, consider creating a UDP on the Item called CAD REV. Then map the file rev forward from the iProp to this Item UDP. This can then be part of the metadata that is exported to ERP/MRP.

Bonn Rhee

Hi Brian,

I watched your you tube video on using the "revision" property and "revision number" property mapping. It works great at the file level. However, when I promote a FILE to an ITEM, how do I get the FILE REVISION PROPERTY to be “pushed” into the ITEM REVISION PROPERTY? Everytime I promote a FILE it defaults to the REVISION SCHEME, and not the FILE REVISION PROPERTY.

Craig heator

Awesome tutorial.. please keep em coming, the 2011 Data Mgte products are exceptional

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