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Cos Marchy

Is the source code available for download?


Hi Brian, very good application, it is possible to test it ??
where can i donwload tiìhis app ??

Robert Stein

@McConnell, you can email me at and I will get you in touch with the right people regarding this tool.

@Scott Moyse, I have talked with the developer a few weeks back about a "find/replace" function for sub folders and they have taken note. I can't say if it will be in a future release of this clone tool however it has been noted. One thing that you could do is with 2012 you have the ability to put properties on folders. You could put the part number as a property which would allow you to search on it. I hope this helps.

Cory McConnell

How does one go about contacting Autodesk Consulting? I have requested follow-up several times from their site, but I haven't ever received a response. I do not see a phone number or e-mail address on their site either. Maybe they should hire a marketing consultant....


Hi Brian, good idea. But we never know if it's a good idea to propose this to a customer or not (does this tool will be available for future release??)

Scott Moyse

It would be great if there was a find/replace function, so subfolders could be subtly renamed to suit the new project as well.

All of our folder names include a part number which is essentially a location within our boat. So from one project to the next the contract number on all those folders change and some new folders would appears & others would disappear. We can deal with the last part, but a find/replace would be extremely handy

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